How do I enable Javascript on my computer?

All modern browsers usually have Javascript enabled by default. Click here to check if javascript is enabled on your current browser. There should be a small popup box that says "Javascript is on". If not then you may have Javascript disabled. Turn on Javascript here

What is javascript?

Javascript is a cross platform, cross browser scripting language that runs on your computer and allows web sites and other media to add some extra fancy effects for you. Do you remember the good old days where every web site you visited required a total page refresh to do every little thing? When you click on something and it smoothly animates or performs some action Javascript may be the culprit.

AJAX is a term you have almost certainly heard or read about at some point in time. It's basically Javacript loading dynamic data from other sources and using it in the current web page you are looking at without making a page refresh.

Turn on Javascript for Internet Explorer

To enable or disable Javascript in Internet Explorer 7 start by going to the Tools menu and then down to the Internet Options. Click on the Security tab.

From here on out you should be really careful. You shouldn't be able to blow anything up and you will always be 2 clicks away from resetting the settings here but I still advise some caution.

Click on the Custom Level... button and scroll down to Scripting near the end of the list. Under Active Scripting either Enable or Prompt should be selected. Enable is the browser default. There are more specific settings here for scripting but really no reason why they shouldn't remain as default.

You can turn Javascript off in the same manner. Other versions of Internet Explorer should work in much the same way. Firefox is even easier... Edit->Preferences->Content tab->Enable Javascript.

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